Terms and Policies

Terms and Policies

By registering an account on www.mbafakhro.net, you agree to the following terms and policies:-

MBAFakhro.net acts as a platform for employers and recruiters to publish their career vacancies facilitating job seekers. The website is neither involved in the recruitment process between the employer and candidates, nor has any influence on the quality, authenticity, security of the jobs and resumes listed. Also,mbafakhro.net has no control or has any control over the ability of employers to provide job for candidates, the job seeker’s skills and the behavior of employers and prospective employees.

MBAFakhro.net under any circumstances shall not be responsible for any changes in the information/ resume updated by the user. The website cannot verify the identity of the users being user authentication difficult on online platform. And by using the services of the website you acknowledge that any information accessed are at your own risk.

MBAFakhro.net reserves the right to withdraw job postings, Resumes or any other contents from the website at its discretion but does not incur responsibility on failing to do so and disclaims any obligation to the extent permitted by law. The users have to assume all risks related while dealing with strangers, people acting under false identity, minors and similar risks of the sort.

In case of dispute between user/s, you liberate mbafakhro.net (our agents and employees) from any liability including demands, claims and damages arising out of all situations to the extent permitted by law.